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Time Frame
A typical home inspection will take between 2 to 3 hours-however multi-family homes or large estates will be longer as there are usually more components to inspect.

Please arrange to have dogs removed during the inspection. Rooms with a dangerous animal not properly secured could be excluded from the inspection.

Radon test
If a short term radon test is requested, the house must be closed up 12 hours prior to the start of inspection for valid testing—normal entering and exiting of house is permitted. Please -Close all doors and windows PRIOR to the inspection. We will need to return after the inspection within 5 days to retrieve the radon test.

(Please have windows and doors closed for 12 hours before the inspection-Closed house conditions are required for Radon testing....Normal in and out use of the home is OK)

Provide easy access for inspector to reach windows. Please have keys if windows or doors have security locks. Items blocking the doors and windows should be removed so the inspector can properly operate the doors and window mechanisms.

Make sure all utilities are turned on
To properly inspect the functions the electric, plumbing, heating/cooling if the house is vacant, be sure to make prior arrangements to have utililties on.

Electrical Panel must be readily accessible
Move any/all items, furniture in front of the panel and especially if located in garage remove all stored item around panel, inspector needs to remove panel cover to evaluate interior of panel and wiring.

Basement walls and crawl space access
To properly inspect walls and related areas the home inspector and termite inspector will need access to all areas. Have any stored items moved away from walls and be sure the crawl space access is not blocked or locked.

Attic access and Attic space
Be sure the attic access space is clear for home inspector, clean out closet or area where panel access is located, and move or remove stored items within attic space to allow home inspector ability to fully inspect space and any components in the attic.

Shut down or broken items
If there are any components or systems which are shut down please provide notification to the home inspector, the item(s) cannot be tested for functionality, or if an component or system is broken and/or under repair, please advise the home inspector with details.

Pilot Lights
The home inspector is not required to light pilot lights. This is important to have done before the inspection to properly inspect the gas components.

Pilot Lights
Please remove vehicles from the garage prior to the inspection.

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